Surgical Motor Units for Implant Placement?

I am just getting ready to start placing dental implants and need to select a surgical motor unit. I have noticed a wide range in the types and cost of the units. Any advice as to which one to buy or which one to avoid?

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31 thoughts on “Surgical Motor Units for Implant Placement?

  1. Basically most motors are good.
    Some are better or have more gadgets ike torque control or reading….
    I have used aseptico for the last 15 years without a problem.
    best of luck

  2. I have been a rep for some time. The major vendors (including me) all sell the W&H motor with various colored tops, depending on the company selling it. W&H is a solid system, and very reliable.

    A few pearls from watching the mistakes other newer practitioners have made:

    1. Be diligent on maintaining your handpiece per mfr specs (ie- clean it properly and lubricate it regularly).

    2. When drilling, use an axial motion and resist the temptation to do “side cutting” with the drills. That gets the burrs stuck in there, and you then need to send the handpiece to the mfr to get out (this isnt unique to any motor unit or manufacturer). I havent seen any surgical kits suggesting the side cutting method or the handpieces either…

    In a nutshell… go with the company who can support you in a crisis, and consider a backup handpiece if you will be using it a lot. You then dont need to worry about one being sterilized while the next patient is ready, or postponing a patient should anything happen to the handpiece.

  3. Over the last 15 years I’ve used three different units and I can say the W&H is far and away the best. Don’t try to save money by purchasing a cheap unit, you’ll come to regret it. Get the top of the line W&H>

  4. Basically, all existing units are reliable and
    have about the same garantee period.Much more important point is the quality of handpiece,drills and adequate speede ( rpm ) setting. Personally, I’m still using W&H company unit ( IMPLANTMED ) – 8 year without any problem .
    Good luck.

  5. I have the W&H.
    It leaks – it has since day 1 and it has been sent in twice to have it “fixed.” It still leaks. I would not purchase it again.

  6. Had NSK for the last 4 years (200 plus placements a year), suddenly motor seized up. But good service as they had a loan in the following morning , alas it is the new fibre optic model and now I want one!!!

  7. I am in India and inserting implants since 1996.I use an ordinary micromotor with a NSK 16:1 hand piece. please note it is not a physio dispenser.In my opinion the so called physio dispenser only gives the reading and does not adjust itself.

  8. i suggest using the atr 3000 or satelec physiodispenser and handpiece..both are in the long run quite offers dual motor and also different variable reductions..

  9. I’m doing mdi implants from imtec and i’m using the single motor , that I got from them. My uetion is if is pssible o use the same simple motor on endure implants. thankyou for your help.

  10. Has anyone tried the Korean Saeshin X- Cube?
    I am about to buy one unit but I would love to know if somebody has had any good or bad experience. Thanks a lot.

  11. Avoid W&H ImplantMed easy to use but a not reliable, It lasted for one year despite limited use and perfect care, repair would cost almost the price of a new one , even the workmanship appears cheap if you look closely, what a shame for W&H go with Asepteco if you are in the US

  12. sir robert,

    while drilling sometimes my drill/bur got stuck in the handpiece. Can you explain side cutting which we should avoid. thanks

    kumar dr.

  13. I have been using the Nsk motor for implants(Surgic Xt) with its handpieces and have to say it is very easy to use, and it has worked perfectly for the past 5 years. I would definitely reccomend it.

  14. Dear Friends,

    Can anyone explain me the difference between physio dispenser and surgical micromotor?

    Which is preffered most?



  15. Please, can any one tell me which one is better the new Aseptico with lead light or W & H implantmed

  16. Dear Richard,I have W&H Implantmed, good motor but very fragile, i feel disappointed. I am very happy with the NSK lead light. Aseptico is also very reliable

  17. anyone ever tried bien air chiropro-L?
    i’m worried about its internal cooling system..
    any opinion about systems with internal cooling?

  18. I bought W&H implantmed, how to know the right torque and speed and how to adjust it, I find the instructions complicated please help

  19. I have the opportunity to purchase a Nobel Oseo 100 implant motor and W& H handpieces from a dr upgrading to Nobel 200 system. Is this a high maintenance system ? What is is worth? The price is $2700. Or should I just buy a new W & H system for $3500.

  20. I have an Implantmed 04720000 motor with 8 foot cable. The end of the cable that connects to the WH SI-915 motor driver is broken and connot be plugged in properly. Does anyone know where to get these reparied??? Thank you in advance…

  21. Hello, I have a OsseoSet 100 showing “Error 04”, does anyone know what it means? The manual shows other codes(i.e. Error 00, 01, 07, 99), but nonumber 04.

    Thanks in advance for any help given

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