Surgicel vs Actcel?

There are two popular hemostatic products to achieve hemostasis, Surgicel [oxidized cellulose] and ActCel [regenerated cellulose].  I have used Surgicel and found it to be very effective, but it is obviously significantly more expensive compared to Actcel.  I am wondering if anyone has had experience with Actcel to share? How does it compare to Surgicel? Thank you!

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One thought on “Surgicel vs Actcel?

  1. Actually, if you like Surgicel, you may want to consider Benacel. Like Surgical, Benacel is made from biocompatible oxidized cellulose. Benacel is available in 3 sizes for various applications. I am not aware of any studies that directly compare all the types of oxidized cellulose dressings, but I do think they each vary slightly in characteristics and performance.

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