Temporary Crown for Implant: How do I Contour this to Prevent Gingival Recession?

Last Updated March 12, 2009
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

Dr. M. asks:
I have just started doing implants. I have a patient who needs a #8 [maxillary right central incisor] extracted and replaced with an implant. I saw him this afternoon. I sent him over to my periodontist who is planning to extract #8 tomorrow and replace it with a NobelBiocare Replace Select tapered implant, regular platform. He is going to put a healing cap on and send the patient over to me to place an abutment and temporary crown. He advised placing a temporary metal abutment cylinder and making a temporary crown over it. How do I contour the buccal of the temporary crown to prevent gingival recession? My periodontist specifically warned me about this, but I am not sure exactly how to shape the buccal contour.

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