Temporary Crowns and Bridges on Dental Implants?

Charles, a dentist, asks:

I have a devil of a time making temporary crowns and bridges on
dental implants. Does anybody have any good techniques that they would care to
share with the rest of us?

I have had problems locking on the temporary bridge to the dental implant platform where I had to cut off the temporary bridge very slowly and very carefully so I would not damage the abutment or dental implant platform. This is a real drag. I have tried some of the techniques I have seen demonstrated at courses but they have not worked for me.

4 thoughts on “Temporary Crowns and Bridges on Dental Implants?

  1. Anonymous says:

    3i Has a great temporary post or screw retained cyllinder made out of a PEEK material. It’s a white material and very easy to work with. Call the Preformance post and cyllinder.

  2. Dr. LD Singer says:

    I love the nobel immediate temporary abutment. It’s simply a little hexagonal post that screw on to the fixture. Simple, logical design, I often use them in the anterior esthetic cases. Also. I have glidewell biotemps made immediately before or after placement to fit on these little posts. WOrks great and easy!!

  3. McKinneydoc says:

    Straumann also has a great PEEK plastic temp abutment for regular and narrow platform. I like the titanium interface – makes it solid. I can also to screw-retained or cemented temps.

    ITI has published a great book on aesthetic implant placement and restoration. There’s extensive info on provisionalization techniques. You can get the book from Quintessence. I can’t recommend it enough.

  4. George Bernard says:

    I have a number 9 front tooth that cannot be saved by conventional root canal and is a candidate for extraction and implant surgery. The adjoining front tooth, dead center on the top, is a viable tooth. to the left of the tooth that is to be removed are two dental implants.

    I want to have these two implant crowns delicately removed and undamaged so that a dentiast can make a 3-tooth temporary bridge.

    Can any dentist do it for a reasonable price? When dentists hear that they are not going to participate in the extraction, the creation of a crown (s) or any other phase of the procedure, they jack their prices. What is reasonable for a 3-tooth temporary implant bridge and who in New York City can do it for me?

    The plan is to have the extraction done, do the initial implant procesure then rush over to a dentist who can ahev a 3-tooth temp bridge ready or prepapre one on the spot. The oral surgeon at that point will haev alfready removed the crowns of the two adjact implants.

    Thank you.


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