Thoughts on Nouvag MD11 Implantology Motor?

I am looking for reviews or comments on the MD 11 Implant Motor (Nouvag) or any reliable information for that matter. What’s you experience with it? Any known issues? And how does it compare in you opinion with the SI-923 Motor (W&H), which is a bit cheaper?

3 thoughts on: Thoughts on Nouvag MD11 Implantology Motor?

  1. implant guy says:

    Well I sell the Nouvag MD-11 for the implant company I work for. Have not had any issues in 3 years. Easy to use, 4 programs that can be pre-set, shows torque value, you can change ratio for motor, and does the job well. Disposable irrigation tubing available as well. Not sure about the W and H motor.

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