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Tooth 46 large abscess and radiolucent lesion: recommendations?

Last Updated January 29, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I extracted tooth 46 ( lower right 1st molar) exactly 6 months ago. The tooth had a large abscess and large periapical radiolucent lesion. I tried to curette as much as possible, but did not graft the socket. In my attached scan pictures, you can still somewhat see the outline of the radiolucent lesion. My questions are :
1) Is 6 months enough healing time if I had not grafted the socket? Would most of the infection have cleared up by this time?

2) Due to the buccal bone loss, I will need to place the implants more lingual. I am contemplating between a 5 x 12 or 5 x 10.5 mm implant. I do not want to perforate the lingual plate, so was leaning towards the 5 x 10.5 mm implant. Thoughts on this?

Any other recommendations on how to proceed with this case? I am relatively new to implants and have taken both the prosthetic and surgical courses at the Misch Institute. I have placed only 6 implants so far. I had been intending to start with very simple cases. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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