Bond Apatite: Socket Preservation Cases


These 2 videos show the use of Bond Apatite in socket preservation cases. The first video is for the protocol in a situation where you are lifting a flap, while the second video shows a flapless protocol. What’s interesting in the case of lifting the flap, is that when dealing with Bond Apatite, you want the flap to be with tension and not tension free, and you reposition the flap for maximal closure by stretching it directly above the cement. Exposure of 2-3 mm is not a problem, but you should not allow more exposure than that. In the flapless procedure case, you will notice that the Bond Apatite cement is covered with a collagen plug, which is done to protect the cement. The collagen plug is secured to the surrounding soft tissue by an initial suture.

Bond Apatite Socket Preservation with Flap

Bond Apatite Flapless Socket Preservation

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