Extraction and Immediate Implant with Luxator LX

This short video shows an extraction of tooth #8, which has a crown that is non-restorable. The treatment plan is to extract and do an immediate implant and provisional. The extraction is done using the Luxator LX and Physics Forceps. The Luxator LX is a mechanical periotome that offers improved safety, precision while offering easier access to hard to reach areas. The self directing tip allows the periotome tip to follow the root surface, reducing the risk of bone damage. Since it will only cut when under pressure, this means no risk of slipping. Anybody else have experience with the Luxator LX?

3 thoughts on: Extraction and Immediate Implant with Luxator LX

  1. Dr. Jim says:

    I purchased one of these and ended up returning it because it felt like the reciprocating motion did not move the tip once the tip engaged into the pdl space.

  2. Michael Schuman says:

    What nonsense. Took 4 1/2 minutes to take out an anterior root tip.
    What is MICROSURGERY extraction technique? Please label the procedure correctly.

  3. andy phan says:

    You can be a ham doctor and get the root tip out in 30 seconds, and destroyed the buccal plate and everything else in the process. Dr. here took his times to save that buccal plate & place immediate implant. He should be applauded for his efforts. Great Job Dr. KWAN.

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