Implants in the in the Aesthetic Zone: Key Factors for Success

This presentation will give an overview of the main factors that may influence the outcome of esthetic implant treatments. It discusses proven protocols that allow for successful treatment of demanding patients.

In the maxillary anterior area, the esthetic outcome is a critical determinant in the overall success of implant therapy. However, placing implants in this area remains a challenge. Besides osseointegration, long lasting soft tissue integration is a key factor for implant success, but restorative components may interact with the peri-implant soft tissue that serves as a biological seal and have an impact on the outcome. This peri-implant restorative interface is a highly relevant subject for scientific research, as it may be the key to longevity of implant restorations and sustainability of implant esthetics. Different factors have been identified and reported to interact with the peri-implant tissues, respectively influence the vertical localization of the crestal bone and the dimension and localization of the peri-implant soft tissues. These are the individual morphotype, the peri- implant tissue quality, the restorative environment, and the property of the abutment, including nature of the abutment connection.

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