Osstell ISQ for Implants: An Everyday Clinical Decision Making Tool?

This lecture from Dr. Paul Rosen, reviews the use of the Osstell ISQ for making every day clinical decisions in implant dentistry and provides cases to explain the benefits of using this technology. The lecture concludes that Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) is an invaluable tool with well documented research evidence to warrant it’s inclusion in daily implant practice. Additionally, it is asserted that the information gained from Osstell readings enables the clinician to make objective decisions on implant loading and healing. At the same time, further elucidation is needed on whether values obtained should be used as absolutes or relative to the treated site, i.e. anterior vs. posterior, healed sites vs immediates.

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5 thoughts on “Osstell ISQ for Implants: An Everyday Clinical Decision Making Tool?

  1. Yes, I also wanted to know is there need for some speciffic component that needs to be mounted on implant before taking a measure? Thanks

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