Anterior Mandible and Incisive Nerve: Any danger of placing implants?


Please review the images provided of the mandible. The alveolar nerve was traced by a Anatomage lab technician before fabrication of a surgical guide. Upon evaluation of the mental nerve, specifically how it continues anteriorly and turns into incisive nerve as well as the location of the planned implant sites, one can observe that the incisive nerve will in fact will be damaged by placement of the implants. I was wondering if someone could tell me if my patient is in danger of having implants placed in area 27/26. I once read that neuropathic pain may occur after implant placement in the interforaminal region due to the perforation of the incisive canal and nerve. I was wondering if someone who performs All-on-4 or someone who has expertise could help me with this case as this is my first case of placing implants in the anterior mandible. I am planning to use a tooth supported surgical guide made by Anatomage.