Using Triad to Create a Verification Jig?

HersheyDMD asks,

In the case of a mandibular full arch open tray impression for a bar on 5 or more dental implants, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to connect all the impression copings with Triad material (gel) before taking the impression, thus creating a verification jig which can be used to verify the accuracy of the poured master cast. Has anyone ever tried this? How has it worked out? How was the accuracy? Any better ideas? I would do anything to avoid having to cut the bar and reconnect at a later time. Thanks.

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I would rather spend the time to splint the copings before taking impression,thus avoiding any micromovements.
Yes, I have done this successfully. I used the Triad blue tray material squezing it around the impression posts to splint them together and then light curing, with the impression taken with an open tray. Just unscrew the 5 impression posts. There are also other light cureable materials that could be used. This strategy was given to me by Dr Tom Ford. Love to be able to use it a lot more. The test comes when the bar is placed with one end screw tightened and observing the other end of the bar. If it raises up, trouble. Cut the bar at that raised end and look at the next implant to see if it raises up. Hopefully, none of them do.
Joe, I was told not to use the Blue Triad Tray material, that it has too much shrinkage. Rather, to use the Triad provisional material, since it is more accurate.

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