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Ortho case gone wrong: available options?

Last Updated August 31, 2018
Reviewed By:  Dr. David Levitt

This 32-year old female presents with loss of #5 & #6 due to an Ortho case gone wrong when the patient was 13,14 years of age. #7 is now an issue and will be referred to an OS for extraction and options on a ridge augmentation. Can I ( her General Dentist), expect an increase in not only thickness to buccal bone, but an increase in height too? When evaluating the implant stage and resulting aesthetics, I do not see an obstacle w/ her lip line. Aside from considering everything else, from the type of implant to the type of abutment, to the final crowns, what might I need to consider if there were NOT an increase in the height of bone? What can I expect in a report from this OS w/ regards to this augmentation? Patient is willing to do what is necessary to accomplish this correctly. I would like to accompany that. Thank you for any direction you might have.

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