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Zygoma implant multi-unit abutment: solve this puzzle?

Last Updated August 31, 2018
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

This patient is in her late 60s. She had 2 Zygoma implants and 2 normal implants placed in the upper jaw many years ago. I believe the implants to be Branemark, although her old record does not state any manufacturer, only sizes and NP (narrow platform ?) and 3mm for the abutments. Her left zygoma abutment was loose for a long while, and when I first removed the denture, she swallowed the abutment. I tried ordering Branemark multi-unit zygoma 3mm straight abutment, but it does not come in a narrow platform. I have fitted a Branemark 2mm narrow platform multi-unit abutment using the screw from zygoma implant, but as you can see in the OPG, it is not ideal. Where can I get a zygoma 3mm multi-unit abutment on a narrow platform? My local Nobel rep was not able to help. Any other thoughts on this case? Any help in solving this puzzle would be greatly appreciated.

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