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Mobile Bridge: Replacement with Fixed Prosthetic and Dental Implants

Last Updated July 23, 2020
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

A patient came to the office complaining of the mobility of the old bridges located in the anterior maxillary segment. The treatment plan was a fixed prosthetic supported by three implants.

Radiographic appearance 4 months after the removal of impacted #13 and augmentation with Bond Apatite. In this stage, we notice a deterioration of sites #21,# 23 #24, which are now infected. We decided to extract the teeth and augment with Augma Bond Apatite considering simultaneous implant placement, if possible.

Note the large 3D bone deficiency after extraction and complete debridement of the infected sites.

Despite the large defects, there was a possibility to place implants with good primary stability. However, in #21, we decided only to augment and not to place an implant.

Panoramic radiographic appearance 4 months post op. Representing a complete regeneration of the deficient sites

xray failing bridge
case 607 2
case 607 3
case 607 4
case 607 5
case 607 6
case 607 7
case 607 8
case 607 9
case 607 10
case 607 11
case 607 12
case 607 13
case 607 14

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