A Universal Torque Wrench System?

Dr. K asks:
I have to use 5 different dental implant systems because each of my periodontists and oral surgeons each insist on using different implant systems. I have been looking around for ways to decrease my inventory of instruments to place the abutments and other restorative components for these systems. Recently, I saw an advertisement for a type of wrench that will allow me to use one basic wrench body and then I can use generic torque driver tips. One wrench for all systems. It is called the Universal Torque Wrench System by ITL (http://www.itldental.com/). Before I invest in this system I would like to get some feedback from reader who may have used this system. What has been your experience? Also, what other ways would you recommend to manage my inventory? Should I be trying to get my periodontists and surgeons to standardize on one system?

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  1. Nicholas Varras, CDT says:

    There is also an adjustable torque wrench made by the Hader Co. This wrench will adjust from 10 to 70 Ncm. You can tighten any screw and even place the implants with one ratchet. Sterngold sells these wrenches here in the U.S.

  2. Dr.Serge says:

    See the Salvin Catalogue, you find an adjustable torque wrench with all other components for virtually any known system…

  3. Customer Support says:

    Look into the SPI Mono torque ratchet made by Thommen Medical, makers of the Swiss Precision Implant System. It works with all latch-type drivers and it’s one-piece design means simple cleaning and no maintenenance. It’s made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant titanium. It is also highly ergonomic and has received the prestigious red dot design award. It offers torque ranges from 10 Ncm to 35Ncm.

  4. C. W. Emery says:

    There are several designs of torque wrenches available. The concern that anyone should have is the availability of drivers that will fit that torque wrench. Presently, we manufacture 43 different drivers to fit the needs of most implant systems. Some wrenches may not have the drivers necessary to be universal.

  5. Empirical Medicine says:

    As a specialist (surgeon) I would submit it is the specialists job to accomodate your needs.

    With that said, I encourage my referrals to use one system so that I may properly stock the system. Purely logistical. I have had a two way conversatation with those doctors to ensure we are all on the same page and understand why I recommend the system I do. The specialist should have an evidenced based opinion why he or she uses a particular system. That argument should exceed the “because that is what I am used too” inertia argument.

    Finally, routinely using custom abutments (such as Atlantis) may reduce your inventory problems and allow for less logistical issues.

    Lastly, I am curious, why so many specialists? I would hope one OS and one Perio. specialist would excel in meeting your needs.

    It is my opinion, that a close and open relationship is essential for good communication and patient care. Doesn’t sound like you have that??? Perhaps you deserve better.

  6. Robert56 says:

    The whole point is missing here.
    Most systems offer a latch screwdriver that is usually in the surgical kit.
    Some systems have a latch adapter that other systems latch drivers fit.
    Thta being said
    Which one is accurate?
    Which one is cost effective.
    Thommen is my choice at 350.00 and very accurate. Easy to clean and the girls love that. Not complicated in any way.

    Attachment international sells latch drivers but I recommend geting the original latch driver form the original manufacturer.
    Most are universal but most reps do not want to tell you that. They want to hook and sell.

  7. RD says:

    Doctor you need to take a look at the Neoss Implant system. The gentlemen that put this company together, are very experienced in implants and put much thought into this system. Every concern you have about all the inventory and product you have to carry is what you will not have with this system. No 32 impression copings in your drawer, only one driver, if you own a Strauman, Nobel or a 3i torque driver you are ready to go to work. Nothing new to purchase. Your impression coping is packaged with a choice (in the same package) to do an open or closed tray. And your lab analog is included. No paying extra. All your final abutments come with your lab screw and your final gold screw. You have 1 catalog not 34. And your staff is not confused and it is easy to read. This company can do anything that any other implant company can do. And this will keep your over head down. Your surgeon will also like the savings at the end of the year. His or her products are also packaged together. So call Neoss and have your rep come in. They are all experienced and have worked for all the large companies. And had the same concerns you do.They can help your practice.

  8. Jbg DDS FAGD FICOI says:

    You should be driving the bus here, TELL whomever you have placing your implants what system YOU want used. If they cannot or will not accomadate your wishes, simply find someone who will. If you do not know what system or systems are best for your needs, take some courses and join some study groups. The surgeons should not be held accountable for your restorative needs and procedures. Educate yourself so you know exactly what system you want, where and why. Your patients,surgeons and you will all be the better for it.

  9. Empirical Medicine says:

    An open and comprehensive discussion with your team of specialists may turn out to be more artful.

    FYI – when I switched my OS practice to a new system (Astra) four years ago, I negotiated with them and arranged for all of my better referrals to receive free restorative kits. It behooves me to support those dentists who support me. I call it friendship but….

    It might just be business. 🙂

    You are going to find a huge number of people out there recommending a stupidly large and strangely similar number of implant systems. At this point, most are clinically acceptable and “work”. My advise would be to concentrate on what makes them different, then do a few dozen, then make a difficult choice, and finally discuss your needs with your team of specialists and listen to what they have to say as well.

  10. Chan Joon Yee says:

    In Asia, it’s usually the referring dentist who decides which system to use. Sometimes, the oral surgeon travels to the referring dentist’s clinic to do the surgery. The referring dentist provides the surgical kit, implants and other materials. The oral surgeon may bring some of his own instruments and equipment.

  11. Ricardo Nunes says:

    If you take care of the prosthetic work, you are the “mother” of the child. The surgeon is the “father”. It puts the implant there and YOU will take care of the “child” for the rest of your days. So, you have not only the right, but also the duty to choose which implant system to use. Some systems offer you MUCH more simplicity of prosthetic work than others (with less “headaches” in the follow up).

    Here in Brazil we have the same situation described by Dr. Chan Joon Yee in Asia: The referring dentist chooses the implant system and finds the surgeon that can put this implant, and the surgeon goes to the referring´s clinic to perform the surgery. But, of course, you will find some dentists here that can´t say which system to take and take what is offered. Bad for them, that have to keep “running after” the surgeons.

    And just to agree with Jbg, educate yourself and assume the steering wheel! You will be glad with that!

  12. ToofDoc says:

    Dr K, I won’t repeat comments that have been so said so well! I agree with both comments by “Impirical Medicine,” well stated! I especially agree with “Perhaps you deserve better”

    “Michael Galvin” is RIGHT ON!

    “Jbg” has some great points, especially about educating yourself! You will never regret it!

  13. Paul [Australia] says:

    I agree with RD’s comments regarding Neoss. Apart from the fact that their torque wrench is adaptable to most of the popular systems, it is so reasonably priced.

  14. c says:

    The 3I system and NobelBiocare’s I know both have the latch type. Salvin sells a Latch type wrench for 350.00, Otherwise, I’m sure the other companies have similar latch type wrenches. It just takes a little poking around in companies to make sure they sell you the correct thing.

  15. Rob says:

    I have been using the German Camlog system for several years now. Sold thru Henry Schein. .050 hex driver for all restorative components. Easy and well thought out design. Same size as Zimmer. 1 driver 1 torque wrench at 20ncm.
    It has greatly simplified my life


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