Apex Dental Solutions Teams Up with iCare Credit

Apex Dental Solutions LLC, and iCare Credit, have teamed up to offer a turnkey education, marketing and patient finance program for dentists.

Based in Atlanta, iCare Credit is a full-service consumer credit organization in dental, medical, automotive and consumer verticals. We offer consumer and patient financing programs for 0% interest, Everyone Approved with No Credit Check. Nationally recognized, their consumer and patient credit programs provide businesses with powerful revenue streams for optimum results. Created by dentist Benjamin D. Oppenheimer, DDS, FICOI in 2007, Apex Dental Solutions’ three pronged approach assists dentists in marketing mini dental implants throughout the country.

“iCare is so innovative, it can easily be helpful to every dentist in America as an alternative patient financing option,” says Dr. Oppenheimer. “iCare Credit offers patients a friendly program where everyone is approved with no credit check. So when patients are faced with a large out of pocket expense, or unable to get approved by a dental credit company, the dental practice is always able to offer a financing solution to the patient without taking on the risk of an in-house program.”

Learn more about iCare at: iCare Credit or call (855) 422-7312

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