Brain Base Implants: How Does this System Compare to Others?

Is there anyone using the Arrow Implant manufactured by the Brain Base Corp. in Japan? I am interested in the RBM surface that this implant system utilizes. Have any of you in our reader pool used this implant? What is your success rate? How would you compare this system to other implant systems in common use? Would you recommend it?

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Satoshi Noake, BrainBase
Dear Sir, We BrainBase Corporation are pleased to inform you that we are the Japanese Manufacturer of Dental Implant and bone grafting products. Established in 1989, we, BrainBase Corp. are the one of the leading manufacturers of dental implants and its peripheral products in Japan. We are registered to ISO 9001 / ISO 13485, and our Mytis Arrow Implant System and Beta-TCP air-abrasive powder (β-POWDER) are approved by the American FDA. In addition, we are now applying our α-TCP and β-TCP bone grafting products to the American FDA. Here, we would like to kindly introduce the distinguished features of our implant system. Mytis Arrow Implant System 1) The patented “ABS” (Apatite-Blasted-Surface) treatment. The big advantage of our ABS treatment is that the β-TCP is patially replaced by bone, providing a big advantage that meets the patient’s need for more rapid, more secure osseointegration in the mandible and even in the maxilla. Mytis Arrow Implants, treated with the ABS process, have achieved one of the highest bone contact rates at 95% or more in the world as well as a high removal torque value, allows earlier functional loading for occlusion, and provides rapid and rigid initial stability. The abrasives used for ABS treatment are genuine, internally manufactured, and chemically synthesized compounds with outstanding biocompatibility and osteoconductivity. The eutectic ceramics of β-tricalciumphosphate (β-TCP) ceramic with the highly biocompatible hydroxyapatite (HAP) are used as the abrasives. 2) “Full Hard” Top Grade Pure Titanium Mytis Arrow implants are manufactured from top grade pure titanium classified in JIS Class 2, commercially pure titanium, full hard. This titanium material features extremely high purity (comparable to Grade 2) as well as great strength (equal to Grade 4). This titanium has supreme biocompatibility and the unique property of osseointegration; a direct and even cellular attachment or connection of the soft and hard tissues to an implant and is more resistant to fatigue than other metals. The titanium material with the high purity is essential for high compatibility and high bone contact ratio. If you are interested in our “ABS (Apatite-Blasted-Surface)” Implants, please contact us. Thank your very much for your attention. Sincerely yours, Satoshi Noake, Manager of International Div. BrainBase Corporation
Dr Harold Bergman, DDS,Di
My understanding of TCP (Tri Calcium Phosphate)is that it is designed to be resorbable whereas HA (Hydroxylapatite) is not. I would like to know whether the Beta TCP is resorbable or not? Twenty years ago, a TCP coated implant named Neodontic was sold in the USA. I personally placed 36 of them, all of which failed within 3 months of their placement. In all cases, the coatings resorbed, in some cases up to 70% of the coatings. Does the company have legitimate recorded data as to the longevity of these coatings and the success rates of a statistically significant number of implants?
I wonder if we will now see poorly trained GP's placing brain base implants after a weekend course. I can see the posting on the message board "I just placed my first brain base implant, its the third implant I've placed in total but it looked like a good case. After the surgery the patient was leaking straw colored fluid and developed a tremendous headache. I gave her a prescription for peridex and an advil. Does anyone know what that fluid might be? Thanks for helping a newbie"
mike stanley, asst.
Yeah, if you have swelling & fluid leakage, don't call David for help. Your patient will die before he quits ragging on you. I see no mention of GPs or of Weekend training. Did I miss that part? I was reading about materials and torques. But "Brain Base" may not be a good brand name in America... might want to rethink the name.
Where was the implant placed?
Arwa Molhem
Yes yes yes.. Iam using this system since 2014, and everything is fine.. this is the only system where i saw the bone climbing up the implant

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