Can I Load this Straumann Implant?

This patient had a Straumann bone level implant placed in the maxillary left canine site in January 2016.  It has no mobility, has healed well and has minimal pockets.  Can I proceed to loading it?

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4 thoughts on “Can I Load this Straumann Implant?

  1. Hi , firstly just curious as to why such a big field of scan ( including the spine ) were there other issues being looked at ? If not then a very site specific would have been better for the patient . This is a big issue here in the UK , possibly for good reason .
    Anyway , agreed there are many issues ( and Implant appears to be large ) but sometimes a scan can make it appear worse . Is it possible to have a clinical photo ? Do you have Osstell readings ? It appears to have been grafted with something ( more distal area and area on the tooth behind ) as well as close to the root apex of the lateral …..
    Maybe discuss with the patient as to prognosis or refer back to surgeon who placed .

    1. Did patient have ortho? Looks like they are missing 11 and 12. You may have some aesthetic challenges because of the size of the space. Also, is there facial bone missing? Curious about the age of the patient.

  2. What does this look like in cross section? If there is missing facial bone on cross section flap and graft. If the cross section shows facial bone is covering the implant then restore.;

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