Canine-to-Canine Implanted supported Fixed partial Denture?

Last Updated August 17, 2014
Reviewed By:  Dr. Vipul Shukla

I have treatment planned this patient for extraction of #6-11 [maxillary right canine to maxillary left canine; 13-23] and replacement with an implant supported fixed partial denture. I plan to use implants in #6 and 11 sites to support the fixed partial denture. I plan on making a provisional implant fixed partial denture from #6-11 and take it out of occlusion. #12 and 13 [maxillary left first and second premolars; 24, 25] will bear most of the occlusal force during that period. Would it be better to place conventional implants in #6 and 11 sites and let them osseointegrate while I place narrow diameter implants adjacent to them in the maxillary anterior and have them support the provisional fixed partial denture? After the implants in #6 and 11 sites osseointegrate, I can explant the narrow diameter implants and proceed with the restoration of the implants in #6 and 11 sites. Any comments on this plan? What do you usually do for a temporary in the anterior region during the osseointegration phase?


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