Deep decay in canine and implant placement: opinions?


I am posting my first case, and I would appreciate your comments. This is a 71 year old lady who came in years ago, but accepted only crowns on the anterior incisors. Some weeks ago she returned and the canine had deep decay.

I offered her implants and did a 3-D scan. The surgery and installation went well for the implant in the second premolar site. The canine was a disaster.

The buccal cortical plate was very thin, so I placed the implant more palatally, and filled the socket with autogenous bone. I decided to place a healing cap and to wait. I then placed an implant in the lateral incisor site intending to place a provisional restoration. I had minimal space, but I was able to insert a 3.8mm implant and achieved primary stability of 40Ncm. But because of the thin bucco-lingual cortical plates I had to place it around 3mm deeper then planned, rather than than chipping off the overhanging thin corticals. I placed a 3mm healing cap because I did not have a longer one. It tilted towards the approximal bone of the central incisor. I then decided to close everything for 3 months.

In your opinion, where did I go wrong? Would you use some provisional solutions in your practice?
Any advice about when to load those fixtures?

Thank You