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Case Presentation: Immediate Ceramic Implant

Last Updated June 03, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

A patient presented with a failed root canal treatment in #30 [mandibular right first molar; 46]. I extracted #30 and immediately installed a zirconia implant fixture. The implant diameter and implant pretty well matched the extraction socket dimensions. Osseointegration progressed very well and healing of the bone and soft tissue was excellent. I achieved adequate primary stability and later restored with a zirconia abutment and crown. The aesthetics were excellent and the final restoration looked like a natural tooth and blended in quite well. Do you have any comments or questions on the case?

Pre-op failed endo. Pre-op failed endo.
![CeraRoot 16 implant healed in place. ] ( 16 implant healed in place.
3 months of healing.  Beautiful soft tissue.  3 months of healing. Beautiful soft tissue.
Final crown.  Final crown.

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