Coding for a Collagen plug?

How, if at all, do you code for a Collagen Plug used at time of socket preservation?

Are you taking the Guided Tissue Regeneration w/ Resorbable Membrane code (4266), or only coding for socket preservation?

3 thoughts on: Coding for a Collagen plug?

  1. Dr D says:

    I don’t think a collagen plug truly represents what code 4266 was created for.
    When I use collagen plug, I don’t even charge for it…Sometimes practicing Perio, includes some loses.

    • K. E. Wirth, DDS says:

      Unlike in Medicine, most procedures in dentistry seem to be ‘free’. When the American Laser was introduced, most made a nominal charge or used it for free as a marketing tool. At the same time the hospital where i worked charged $625. just to set up their CO2 laser for use in the OR. Even Surgicel is $70. per strip for cost but many ‘plans’ say it is included int he fee for surgical extraction. So, my input is: Don’t contribute to your own losses.

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