Compatibility of Hiossen Implants?

Does anyone know if Hiossen implants are compatible with tooling of any of the major implant brands, such as Astra, Nobel Biocare, 3i, or others?

I am currently seeing a patient who came to me with some Hiossen implants. I do not use these in my practice and I’m wondering from those of you who do, does anyone know if Hiossen implants are compatible with components from other major implant companies?

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  1. Leal says:

    Hiossen have 3 types of platforms:
    – SS tissue level.
    – US external hex: Branemark NP; Branemark RP and the wide comes in 2 options WP Branemark or 3i E.H. wide.
    – TS/GS is a conical connection copied from Astra but not quite the same so no compatibility.

  2. Keith Goldstein says:

    I am unsure if the SS tissue level is compatible with Straumann Tissue level and if it is then we have parts.
    We have parts for the US external hex Branemark
    The TS/GS I would go to Hiossen since the angle of their connection and the screw is different than anyone else even though it is similar. is our website

  3. Cameron MacLean says:

    You can order all the components from Hiossen’s website and they should come in a day anywhere in North America. For doing Cerec implant abutments and crowns on Hiossen implants you can use Astra scan bodies and they work well. I believe in the U.S. there may now be Hiossen scan bodies and posts available from Hiossen for Cerec but not in Canada yet (what else is new?) good luck

  4. Jennifer Watters, DDS says:

    Thank you! Was hoping not to have to buy screwdrivers, torque wrench, adapters, etc. Thank you all very much! Maybe I can try Branemark NP, RP or 3i tooling? Many thanks! JLW Perio

    • Steve Kallaos says:

      The internal hex astra-style implants use an 048 hex for their cover screws, healing abutments and final abutments. You can download the catalog as a PDF file, just google hiossen usa. As mentioned, there are several different styles of implants thst they make. I know they have offices on the east coast and in Cerritos, CA

      • shayan majdi says:

        If it is GS type you can use another korean brand such a luna ( shinhung implant system), dentis, implantium , CMI , UFIT & … as a compatible.

    • Jc says:

      I have used the Hoissen reps on several occasions. They are very Helpful and don’t mind loaning the implant restorative kit to you..
      Good luck

  5. Steingrimur Hermannsson, DDS says:

    A implant system that is precisely designed for compatibility with Hiossen ETIII / Osstem TSIII conical connection is available from “GoBuyDental.” I have
    used them for UFIT prosthetic restorative. They are designed for these systems.


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