Crestal bone loss after 2 months: recommendations?

This patient presented with a narrow ridge where implants had been placed, with guided bone regeneration done on the buccal side.   But 2 months later the radiograph showed crestal bone loss.  Should I load the implant after 2 months or do any grafting procedure?  What do you recommend?

3 thoughts on: Crestal bone loss after 2 months: recommendations?

  1. Dr. L says:

    The posterior implant looks like It has retrograde peri-implantitis in addition to slight crestal bone loss. The crestal bone loss doesn’t look too bad but the PARL around the posterior implant is worrisome. Was this implanted in a site that had failed endo?

  2. Adil albaghdadi says:

    Possible Causes are Thickness of buccolingal bone is less than 1 -2 mm with pressure on the Crystal bone (excessive torque) , thin bio type of the covering mucos can be traumatized by chewing on that side when covering screw is exposed, grafted bone that is resobed overtime , vertical angulation of radiograph can show the platform is higher. If the covering mucosa is more 2 mm thick you should be fine.. use zirconia abutment . I would not graft again .

  3. Sam latif says:

    Often timed these implant will fail, after loading them , the patient will come back saying my crown is loose , when in fact the implant is loose, your only hope is Waite and see , and don’t restore it before your check the stability of the implant.

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