Dental Implant Guarantees

On the topic of treatment considerations, what is the general feeling for guarantees. Should you be giving a guarantee for the implant or the implant restoration?

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Are there load bearing mini implants that can be used on an upper denture to chew on?
Daren Rosen
In my practice, dedicated to Oral Surgery, I will replace an implant that did not integrate with no charge. Once the implant integrated, the case is a success as far as the surgical aspect. (Excluding those rare cases that return after the GP tried removing the healing cap - and the entire implant came out etc.) I do not refund money. By the way, I have never heared of a Cardiologist returning money for a failed stent either.
Elective vs. life and death.
Agree. Heart surgeons have greatly reduced their fees through insurance to save lives. Out of pocket, about 2500.00, to hopefully live. Most aren't going to take the chance of losing 10's of thousands on an elective procedure and no recourse if it fails.
There is one manufacturer providing coverage for failures
Can you pls mention the name of the manufacturer that provides coverage for failure? Thanks.
Scott Axelrod
Straumann Claims to cover all costs, ie: Surgical Chair time, Restorative Chair time, Lab Bill, as well as patients assoc. costs ONLY if the failure was caused by a product defect. Good luck trying to get the Swiss to admit they can make a mistake! I know - I worked for them!
Satish Joshi
As far as I know Life core has money back policy not only for failed implants but prosthetic abutments too, if implants fail after restorations.
Lifecore provides the best warranty I've seen. No paper work or "sign up" and they pay up to $500 per implant toward the lab bill if the case is remade.
3i has solid warranty covering both surgical and restorative components. $500 lab cost coverage per implant.
What´s the manufacturing cost of an implant/ Less than what you think. Companies like Nobel, Zimmer, ITI, etc, may replace the implant lost, but the idea of EASY procedure, being sold all over, has substantially increased the # of failures. Implant warranties are a joke. They may replace the implant itself, but not the patient´s confidence. Let´s get back to basics GIVE US EVIDENCE OF WHAT YOU ARE PROMOTING