Dental Implant Impinged On Nerve


Dr. James asks us:

I have a patient where dental implants were placed at the lower left first molar and first premolar positions three months following extraction of the posterior teeth. Unfortunately, the anterior dental implant (12mm Straumann RN) slightly impinged the anterior loop of the mental nerve.

Initially the patient reported numbness of the area, but in the days following, developed and electrical current, TENS type pain. Assessment of the site via OPG and CT occurred at 10 and 14 days, and the offending dental implant was removed at 14 days. The discomfort has proven quite debilitating. The patient was placed on Lyrica by his medico, (neuropeptide blocker) and whilst this improved the pain, the side effects are intolerable.

At five month review there has been some resolution in sensory perception, but pain continues. We are currently investigating surgical exploration of the site, and possible pain management with Acupuncture. Any suggestions?