Does PRF have an effect on Implant Stability?

As the popularity of PRF increases, an interesting question is what role, if any, does platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) have in osseointegration and implant stability? There are conflicting studies when it comes to this issue.

In a recent study 1, the effect of PRF was analyzed in relation to immediate implants. Forty-one implants were placed in subjects, with PRF used in the study group and no augmentation performed in control group. The conclusion: “No significant difference was observed between the groups in terms of implant stability. The hypothesis was thus rejected, as there was no significant effect of PRF on immediate implants with adequate primary stability.” 1

However, in another study 2, which investigated the role of PRF in achieving accelerated implant osseointegration, PRF was placed randomly into sockets of 21 patients. Resonance frequency analysis, was then made post-operatively, and concluded that: “PRF application increased implant stability during the early healing period, as evidenced by higher ISQ values. Simple application of this material seems to provide faster osseointegration.” 2

Another investigation 3 studied bone changes, a key factor in osseointegration, in 20 implant patients randomly treated with PRF and Non-PRF. The results there were a bit inconclusive. “At 3 months, all implants remained osseointegrated. The mean marginal bone changes were observed from baseline to 3 months in both groups with lesser changes observed in PRF Group. No significant differences in probing depth and bleeding on probing were noted during follow-up.” 3

So what effect does PRF have on osseointegration and implant stability? The jury is still out and more research is certainly needed. For those of you who use PRF, what has been your clinical experience with implant stability, as measured by RFA, when PRF is used in conjunction with implant placement?

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