Doxycycline with bone graft for lateral sinus lift?

Have any of you used doxycycline with bone graft for a lateral sinus lift? If so what was the doxycycline to graft ratio?  To my knowledge doxycycline is acidic. İf too much is used does it dissolve the bone graft or harm the sinus membrane and host bone?

4 thoughts on: Doxycycline with bone graft for lateral sinus lift?

    • dr.alpertufan says:

      There is some study in the literature about using tetracyclines combined with bone grafts. I haven’t find any study about using it in sinus lifting but It is already being used

  1. Greg Kammeyer, DDS, MS says:

    Since it is a broad spectrum, bacteriostatic drug it would have low efficacy. If you want to mix something into your lateral window sinus grafts use L-PRF to up regulate VEG-F (increasing angiogenisis) or Clindamycin to bacteriocidal for anerobes.

    Personally I use L-PRF with PDGF as the PDGF cuts the waiting down to 3-4 months instead of 6-8 months.

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