Exposed Dental Implant

Joan, a dental implant patient, asks us:

I had a dental implant placed and the sutures were removed 3 weeks ago. I have had pain in that area ever since the procedure was done.

I noticed a metal taste in my mouth about a day ago and I checked
where my dental implant was placed and the gum opened and the dental implant was
exposed. Would you know what would cause this? Should I see my dentist
at once? Thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Exposed Dental Implant

  1. Dear Joan:
    First be calmed, many implants get exposed with no posterior problems.
    Go see your dentist so he can asses any procedure that may be needed.
    the pain shouldnt persist so se your surgeon he might need to replace the closing cap for a smaller one to release the pressure on the gum.
    good luck

  2. Dear Joan:
    Please call you dentist! I am assuming that you went to a reputable person for the service. Without a proper Xray, history and a physical exam it is very difficult to comment on your situation. If there is a reason why you do not want to go back to your dentist, then you should really seek a competent dentist who can examine you properly.
    Good luck.

  3. I have had metal implants for about 10 years. They have drastically failed and must be removes. The implants were introduced in San \Francisco years ago. My dentist kept telling me how well they are doing. About 2 years ago, I got another opinion. $6,00.00 later,they remove some. I am wondering, does the original dentisr bear any responsibility. I must have the rest removed shorty, due to massive gum loss.

  4. I posted a comment on 9/17/2006 and was sloppy spelling my comment. Has anyone come up with an answer on my problem? Hope to hear from someone soon.

  5. To harold and joan
    first to joan: dental implants get exposed some times while in the process of integrating! there are two choices here, one is to try to cover it again and the other one is more simple, your dentist, carefully could place a healing abutment after careful removal of the cover screw. that should take care of it! if the dentist didnt have enough stability at the time of placement then removing the cover screw and placing the healing abutment is not an option.
    To Harold:
    ten years ago, the tecnology wasnt as advanced as today and the implants didnt even have antirotational components! ten years of implants could be considered as a success in implant dentistry (although we wish they lasted forever)specially implants placed in the nineties when we didnt have the tools and technology and knowledge we have today.
    Harold dont even try to go after the Dr, be thankful for what you got, and even more thankful for what is coming for you!
    Drs are not god and the ones god gave you were also lost!

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