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Exposed implant: treatment suggestions?

Last Updated May 26, 2019
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My patient is a 52 year old male Caucasian in excellent health. Three months prior I extracted atraumatically #10 [maxillary left lateral incisor; 22]. See Photo #1- retracted flap ( interproximal, gingiva untouched ) to expose defect. Photo #2- atraumatic extration site. Photo #3- Implant placement, Legacy ( Zimmer type ) 4.7mm dia x 13mm. Photo#4- two week post-op. Photo #5- flap retaction to expose extent of implant.

Puros bone raft material was placed buccally to increase the thickness of the buccal bone and also on the lingual aspect. The bone graft was covered with a membrane. An 8 degree zirconium abutment with a 2mm collar and a polycarbonate temporary crown was placed. At this point, what do you recommend I do? Should I remove the implant and bone graft? Should I attempt bone graft and soft tissue graft? I am open to any suggestions.

#10-exposed buccal defect#10-exposed buccal defect
Extraction siteExtraction site
Implant-4.7mm x 13mmImplant-4.7mm x 13mm
Post-op two weeks laterPost-op two weeks later
retracted flap to expose extent of failureretracted flap to expose extent of failure

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