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Extensive maxillary lesions: Refer this out due to potential malignancy?

Last Updated June 03, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have just examined a new patient whose chief complaint is that he wants all his maxillary teeth extracted and replaced with implants. He presents with extensive severe chronic aggressive adult periodontal disease with very mobile maxillary teeth. A CBCT scan revealed bilateral extensive maxillary lesions, which initially appear to be caused by aggressive perio. I am considering extracting all the maxillary teeth and doing a biopsy and then possibly doing guided bone regeneration and installing implants. The patient was a heavy smoker, but stopped one year ago. Rest of perio is under control (excluding affected regions). I am more than competent and willing to extract teeth and carry-out biopsy on lesions but concerned if there is malignancy LHS (which I doubt), would I be putting patient at risk? Also, should GBR be considered? Should I proceed on my own or refer out?



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