Failing Dental Implant

John, a dental implant patient from Missouri, asks:

I had 8 dental implants placed, 1 of which has been a terrible problem from the day it was placed. The rest are fine. Since this problem implant was put in, the 2 teeth nearest it, and that whole area of the jaw, have been wracked with pain and the natural teeth on either side of the implant are very sensitive to hot and cold.

After 6 months, the problem reduced slightly. My oral surgeon said the dental implant failed, and he removed the original implant and replaced it with a wider one. But the problem has gotten much worse. This dental implant was the only one placed where a tooth was removed at the same time. Why is this implant failing? What could be causing all this pain? Any information would be appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “Failing Dental Implant

  1. what was in the space where the implant now is? was there a failed root canal there? if so maybe there is still infection in that area [in the bone] and the implant is now just sitting there in that infection pool.

  2. Karen from UNC responds…..the question posed concerning whether the implant was the result of a failed root canal and possible infection in the bone is of interest…….would excessive salivation be a symptom of this problem? Also, could a B-12 deficiency be attributed to this, as well as other systemic diseases?

  3. Dear John,
    More details are required. Exactly which tooth is it? If you are generally healthy, it is most likely a localised problem. Are the two teeth next to it still sensitive? Can you describe the pain you are feeling now and its frequency and duration? And as mentioned before, a detailed examination of the xray is vital in coming to a diagnosis.

  4. Dear All,
    There’s an article written by Dr. Abdel Salam El Askary, Roland M. Meffert & Terence Griffin, on “Why Do Dental Implants Fail?” in Implant Dentistry/Volume 8. Number 2 1999.
    These authors have given a comprehensive in-depth into why implants failed, their causative factors and some remedial approaches to them. A well written compilation!

  5. I have a few cases of my abutments screw loosening….contact the supplier of the implant system, they claim that it is the prosthodontic part that was not done properly? how true is this? I assumme that the prostho part is taken care by the lab, I didn’t really check bite….could this be the problem,

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