Failing Calcitek Implants: Options?

Last Updated October 01, 2007

A., a dental patient from Nevada, asks:

I had 4 Calcitek dental implants placed in #6, 9, 11, 12 areas in 1996. These implants support a bridge that spans 7 teeth.

At that time, they said everything went well. Now, I developed an infection around implant #9.

A periodontist performed surgery in March, cleaning the area, treating the implant with antibiotics, and doing bone grafting. Upon rechecking, my dentist discovered a few weeks ago that I still have an infection in that area (he squeezed the gum and pus came out).

Once he determined from prior dentist and surgeon (out of state, since I moved 4 years ago)that the implants are Calcitek, now Zimmer, and that they use prosthetic retaining screws, he does not want to work on this problem. He says that he has no success with this type of situation with these implants.

I am at a loss for what to do now. My cardiologist is concerned that the infection could spread, so she started me on amoxycillin. I do not know if I should be seeing a general dentist, a periodontist, or an oral surgeon. How serious is this infection? What should I do?

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