Flap dehisence: What should be done?

I placed this 5×11.5mm implant in the lower second molar region. Patient is a chronic smoker.  After a week, the patient presented with flap dehiscence. I re-sutured and again the same picture. Next time I completely raised the flap and passively approximated the edges and re-sutured. But the same picture after a week. Now I decided to let it be. Patient was asymptomatic until last time but now he complaints of intermittent pain in the implant site. Also when I raised flap to re-suture I noticed 3-4 exposed threads on buccal side.  I flushed this area out.  Now what should be done? There seems to be no infection. The problem is the exposed cover screw.

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2 thoughts on “Flap dehisence: What should be done?

  1. Put pt on Perigard bid for several weeks. Re-eval in 8-10 weeks and consider secondary procedure, being very careful to release buccal flap as atraumatically as possible to insure primary closure

  2. Just polish the exposed threads and let it heal secondarily. Delay loading. Patient is also a bruxer, you ought to tell your lab tech how the crown should look like.

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