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Fractured Abutment: tips for removing without damaging implant?

Last Updated January 22, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have a patient with an 8-year old Zimmer Advent Bar Overdenture. The overdenture bar fractured and a portion of the abutment is still in the implant fixture. Does anybody have any clinical tips for removing the abutment without damaging the implant internal threads? The first photograph shows the fractured abutment that the bar was screwed into. The second photograph shows the new Locator single abutment that only screws in ~ 3 threads into the old abutment. Therefore the old abutment needs to be removed. Grateful for any help.

Fractured Abutment inside AdventFractured Abutment inside Advent
New Locator Abutment Only Screws into old Abutment ~ 3 ThreadsNew Locator Abutment Only Screws into old Abutment ~ 3 Threads

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