Fractured ankylos abutment: feedback?

Last Updated April 03, 2014
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I placed an Ankylos 5.5 X 11 implant in #14 (UL6) position, and six months later restored it using an indexed stock straight abutment, and a cemented zirconia crown. There is a functional tooth distal to the implant/crown. The patient has a strong bite, but no para-functional excursions. The implant axis is angled slightly toward the facial with the long axis coming out within the occulsal table, but closer to the facial cusps.

The abutment fractured at the platform level after 10 months of function. I was able to retrieve the broken abutment and the threads which had separated from the screw shank. I am considering replacing the indexed abutment with a solid stock abutment. Intuitively it would seem to me to be stronger than the hollow indexed abutment. Dentsply has offered to replace the stock abutment with an Atlantis abutment, but I have a gut feeling that this would not be as strong as the solid stock abutment. I would appreciate any feed-back from any one who has had a similar problem.

![null][5.5 x 11 ankylos implant with fractured abutment and screw threads](]( X 11 Ankylos implant with fractured abutment and screw threads
![null][fractured abutment at implant platform ](]( abutment at implant platform
![null][crown with seperated threads and recovered abutment](]( with seperated threads and recovered abutment

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