Generalized Periodontitis: Treatment suggestions?

Last Updated March 04, 2019
Reviewed By:  Dr. Vipul Shukla

I have a 30 yr old female patient with generalized periodontitis. I did full mouth flap surgery with extraction of the rt. upper 1st premolar 1 month ago. Current mobility on the rt. upper first molar is grade 1. I am planning to extract the lower 2nd molar a little later. I am planning to extract the rt. upper 1st molar with subsequent delayed bone grafting and sinus lift followed by delayed implant placement after 6 months. I have doubts about placement of a bridge in the upper rt. Will this work? If so would you suggest going from canine to 1st molar or from lateral to 2nd molar? What would be the durability of a bridge there? A cast partial denture would be a last option given the age of the patient.

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