Identify implants placed in Syria?

Last Updated March 02, 2020
Reviewed By:  Dr. Gerald Rudick

These two implants at #29 and 31 were placed in Syria over 10 years ago. The patient fled the country and has no way of knowing how to get in touch with the surgeon or getting the information to have them restored. I initially thought they were Anthogyr Axiom implants based on a previous post here! We were able to find a US contact for the French company and ordered healing abutments and impression copings (to confirm the connection was correct). However, the components did not match. We tried Southern TRI-NEX and Implant Direct hexed components but nothing fit. Instead of putting the patient through multiple uncovery surgeries, we placed Southern TRI-NEX 4.3mm healing abutments. They did thread in passively so we left them in place. I consulted with a doctor at the “What Implant Is That?” website to help identify the fixtures. He thought they were Dentsply Ankylos implants. So I ordered healing abutments and impression copings again but they were not compatible! I forwarded the PA taken with the copings in place to the WIIT doctor and he said he had guessed wrong. I asked if he thought they might by Sybron (Innova) Pitt Easy implants. He said he thought I was correct. I am posting here as my last ditch effort to try to get confirmation as to what these implants might be. Much money and time has been spent trying to help this patient. I could use a little help. If these are Sybron (Innova) Pitt Easy, any idea where to get parts? I googled the make and model and it doesn’t look like you can get parts anymore. I just saw the Sybron Endopore, etc. Hope someone has an answer for me! Thanks!

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