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Dental Implant at site #18 spinning at time of placement: Will it integrate?

Last Updated July 28, 2019

I was placing an implant at the site of tooth #18 using Implant Direct System. There was plenty of bone so a 5.0 x 8mm osteotomy was prepared. Dense bone drill was the final drill used. I placed the implant with an implant drill and had good primary stability when I checked with the torque wrench. However, when I went to place the healing abutment the implant started spinning within the osteotomy. I wasn’t able to change the healing abutment to a cover screw as the implant was spinning. I would have gone bigger in the osteotomy, but the largest implants I had were 5.0 in diameter so that was not an option. I did achieve primary closure over the healing abutment. My concern is the likelihood of osseointegration at this point? Is there anything I could have done differently? Any recommendations?

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