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Implant placed adjacent to non-infected previous failed site: will it survive?

Last Updated May 05, 2019
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have a new patient who had 6 implants placed in her maxilla 5 years back by another dentist. The patient said out of 3 implants placed on left side in #9, 10 and 14 sites [maxillary left cental incisor, lateral incisor and first molar; 21, 22, 26]. 2 implants failed by second stage surgery in #9 and 14 sites and were not replaced. Only the implant placed in #10 site survived. The 3 implants in similar position on right side #3, 7, 8 [maxillary right first molar, lateral incisor and central incisor; 16, 12, 11] osseointegrated. The previous dentist provided a palateless fixed-retrievable (hyrid) denture with UCLA abutments on the remaining 4 implants and was not retrieved once for cleaning. The denture broke and patient came to my clinic. I retreived the denture and found that lone standing maxillary left implant in #10 site had failed and took it out. There was no pain or infection. Unfavorable occlusal loads seems to be reason for failure. I treatment planned 3 new implants on left side to support a fixed partial denture. I placed implants in #13 [maxillary left second premolar; 25] and 14 sites and planned to place an implant in #11 [maxillary left canine; 23] site as well. At the surgical installation visiti for #11, the buccal bone was thin and perforation of buccal plate happened, so I had to give up placing an implant on that site. I then placed the third implant in #9 site [maxillary left central incisor; 21] . Due to proximity to incisive canal, I had to be cautious in the surgical installation. In doing so the implant was touching the previous failed site( failed implant was removed 20 days prior) and the implant did not achieve primary stability. This implant was Osstem TSII. Will the implant survive or what should be done?

iopa of implant touching failed siteiopa of implant touching failed site

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