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Implant placed too close to natural tooth: treatment options?

Last Updated August 29, 2017
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

I have a new patient who presents with an implant placed in the maxillary second premolar site (OSSTEM TS3) that is almost in contact with the maxillary first molar natural tooth. When I uncovered the implant, there was not enough proximal space to place a cover screw because the implant is so close to the molar. I ground the mesial surface of the maxillary molar to create sufficient space for the cover screw. I recommended to the patient to have intentional root canal treatment in the molar so I could prepare the tooth for a crown and create adequate space for a crown on the premolar implant. I have created enough room to seat the abutment. But the abutment is in contact with the mesial surface of the molar and there is no room for the crown. What other treatment options do I have? Would an angulated abutment work here?

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