Implant with lingual cortex perforation: Explant or wait for osseointegration ?

Last Updated June 03, 2019

I have a patient with a narrow ridge, about 3mm. This was enlarged and osseodensification done with Densah drills. While placing the implant there was an incorrect angulation and the implant gave away apically at the lingual cortex. Buccal bone graft and membrane were placed. Lingual grafting at the apical portion of the implant was avoided to prevent bleeding complications. Patient has no major symptoms other than dull pain and swelling and no excessive bleeding.
The surgery is a week old. Should one explant, graft and place implant later or should one wait for it to osseointegrate? Kindly opine. I know the right thing to do is explant but wanted to know from the experienced colleagues here if one can get away if I leave it the way it is for now?

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