Implants in elderly patients: success rate?

Is there a connection between age and the success rate of dental implants? Specifically, does the success rate of implants decline when they are placed in patients over the age of 65? A recent study tackled this question. 902 implants in 346 patients (age: 65-89 years) were followed up for 2-17 years following the implant surgery. The survival rate of these implants was recorded and analyzed. Changes in marginal bone levels were also analyzed in serial radiographs, and Cox regression analysis for implant loss was performed.
The conclusion:

Within the limitations of this retrospective study, it was concluded that implant therapy can be successfully provided to elderly patients and that age alone does not seem to affect the implant survival rate.

What has been your experience in your practice, do you have similar success rates for implants with elderly patients as you do for younger patients?

Read the Full Abstract Here

1. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2016 Jan 18. Long-term outcomes of dental implants placed in elderly patients: a retrospective clinical and radiographic analysis.Park JC et al.

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3 thoughts on “Implants in elderly patients: success rate?

  1. I can’t verify this study in my own experience.
    I register a much higher bone resorption both following implant placement and the first 5 years by patients over 60, which correlates with diminished bone regeneration capabilities in higher age. Common sense.

  2. I agree fully with the conclusion. Age alone does not matter. In elderly the systemic onditions,habits etc are added reasons.,

  3. I agree with the study; I have placed implants in many patients aged 60 + with great results. I would take into consideration their overall health and age alone does not mean lower success rate.

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