Influence of Statins on Osseointegration?

Does local and systemic statin delivery affect osseointegration around implants? There have been several studies addressing this question. 1,2,3. Some of the conclusions:

The histomorphometric data from available preclinical studies suggest a positive effect of statins on increasing osteogenesis around dental implants. Read More

On experimental grounds, local and systemic statin delivery seems to enhance osseointegration; however, from a clinical perspective, further studies are needed to assess the role of statins in promoting osseointegration around dental implants. Read More

1.The ability of topical and systemic statins to increase osteogenesis around dental implants: a systematic review of histomorphometric outcomes in animal studies.. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 Aug;47(8):1070-1078. Moraschini V.

2.Efficacy of Local and Systemic Statin Delivery on the Osseointegration of Implants: A Systematic Review..Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants. 2017 May/Jun;32(3):497-506. Kellesarian SV et al.

3.The influence of statins on osseointegration: a systematic review of animal model studies.. J Oral Rehabil. 2016 Nov;43(11):873-882. Sendyk DI et al.

One thought on: Influence of Statins on Osseointegration?

  1. Raul Mena says:

    Lots of miss information and fake research by th e pharmaceutical companies that will do anything to promote the overuse of their drugs.
    Note that the drug companies keep lowering the values of glucose , blood pressure, colesterol an the overuse of biophosphonets in order to increase their revenue.

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