Informed Consent for Cement-Retained Implant Prostheses: Thoughts?

One of the sticking points in Informed Consent when dealing with dental implants is informing the patient about potential maintenance issues/costs of prosthetic rehab. I wanted to ask readers: When you execute Informed Consent, do you inform patients that with implant crowns and bridges, the jaw bones may continue to grow creating open proximal contacts and occlusal discrepancies? For screw retained protheses you can unscrew and add contacts and occlusion. But cement-retained may be problematic. How do you manage this in your practice?

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One thought on “Informed Consent for Cement-Retained Implant Prostheses: Thoughts?

  1. I don’t because for over 30 years of placing cemented restorations on Implants, I have not experienced this new phenomenon.
    Nothing different than for regular crown and bridge

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