Legacy 2 Implant System from Implant Direct: Discussion

Last Updated December 06, 2010

This week we’re going to open up the discussion on the Legacy 2 Implant System from Implant Direct. Implant Direct was recently acquired by Sybron Dental Specialities, and their respective implant and abutment businesses will be combined into a single operation to be named Implant Direct Sybron Int’l.

Many of the patients of practices across the US, and even worldwide, have been hard hit in recent years by the economic downturn. In an effort to reduce costs and attract patients, there has been a growing interest by practices in less expensive implant systems, like those offered by Implant Direct.

For simple cases, where all one has to do is drill an osteotomy site, the Legacy 2 Implant system from Implant Direct, appears to be a good choice. This system, which has Surgical and Prosthetic Compatibility with Zimmer’s Screw-Vent implants, is easy to use and has everything one needs, at a much lower price. It has a wide range of diameters and lengths like the major implant systems, including a 7mm wide rescue implant as well as a 3mm narrow implant. The guideline is that it is a bone-level implant system and that you place the top of the implant platform at the crest of the alveolar ridge. We are not entirely familiar with the Legacy 2’s SBM blasted surface, and welcome feedback on this aspect of the system. As well, if you have used the Legacy 2 implant system, what kind of success are you having? Did it meet your needs even at a lower price?

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