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Commenting is what makes a website a living and breathing document.

When you make insightful, witty, or thought-provoking comments, you encourage a dialogue that adds value for the entire community of for today and into the future when new readers happen along. Additional Commenting Guidelines:

1. Be Yourself

Everyone has had the experience of enjoying the value of a post and been inspired to leave a valuable comment, only to then be at a loss for what to say. In that case, just be yourself.

2. Be Respectful of Others

We have all experienced a situation where a follow-up comment to one of our comments challenges our perspective, or worse yet, our expertise. Resist the temptation to strike back. We will not tolerate ad hominem attacks. By all means, share your opinion, but please do so in a professional manner.

3. Add Value

Ask yourself how you can add value to the conversation. Having good intentions does not necessarily mean you cannot take a contrarian view. By all means, share your perspective. If you do that respectfully, that’s one way of adding value. Simply promoting another website or your company’s product is not considered adding value.

Where is my Comment?

Thanks to the technology in place here on this website, most spammy comments are automatically rejected. So, for example, inserting more than one outbound link in your comment will explain why it did not appear in the list of comments.

At times, our spam filter can mistakenly reject real comments. If you believe that is happening to you, please contact us.

Why Was My Comment Deleted?

If your comment was simply a personal attack on another and did not add any value to the conversation, our editors may delete the comment, in order to preserve the integrity of the website and keep the discussion on topic. Please do not take this personally. We simply do not believe that personal attacks and arguments have a place on

Additionally, if your comment did not relate to the topic at hand, and was a general comment about, our editor may delete this comment. Please use our feedback to leave feedback about general website issues.

Finally, if we receive too many complaints regarding your comments, we reserve the right to blacklist you from the website, in order to preserve the integrity of the website.

If you believe that your comment was deleted inappropriately, please contact us.

In sum, the best commenting strategy is to respect the community by sharing your understanding of implant dentistry and by adding to what has been said by those that have preceded you. By all means be opinionated, but remain respectful. Then you earn the right to add a little bit more and you will be respected and understood in kind.

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