Osteovation Bone Graft Cement in Sinus Lift Procedure?

I have a patient with 3mm of residual bone in the maxilla under the maxillary sinus.  I want to place a 4x9mm Morse taper implant after sinus lift and bone graft.  I was thinking of using OsteoVation (OsteoMed), a calcium phosphate bone cement for the graft.  Has anybody used this for bone augmentation to the sinus?  How long should I wait to place the implant after grafting?  

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8 thoughts on “Osteovation Bone Graft Cement in Sinus Lift Procedure?

  1. As an Orthopedic product you will be using off licence …….which is fine but there are Dental cements …..on this site …
    AS to protocol , with 3 mm of bone place and graft at the same time then load in 3-4 months Regards Peter

  2. We produce a product called Sinus Graft which is designed to hydraulically lift the sinus membrane and is FDA approved for that purpose. We always advise implant placement at the time of grafting and loading in three months. Greg Steiner Steiner Biotechnology

    1. If you can load an implant that was placed in 3 mm of native alveolar maxillary bone in three months and have no failures you are a wizard.

  3. Hello doctors. First of all, thank you for yours comments. But, don`t you think that with this residual bone hight we can put a first layer of Bio-Oss (to not resorb all the graft), than this kind of cement, wait for the hardening and than drill and put the implant? Because, as Dr. Peter said this kind of cement is for orthopedic purpose and them drill for stabilize a screw and plates in fractures… Same in the anterior maxilla, put this cement and put a external layer of Bio-Oss. I`m from Brazil so this “dental” products we don`t have avaible here. Best regards!

  4. Sboms . materials have moved on a lot , we can place an Implant in graft material alone , with no direct bone contact and in 10 weeks it will achieve high 70s ISQ …….. Cores in these cases show over 50 % new host bone at 10 weeks …
    If using a xenograft then with only 10-20-% new host bone over 6 months ….. then agree hence why it is never used in any field of medicine….simple biology.
    Back to NY today ..

  5. Quite interesting, Peter. What materials would you suggest for bone regeneration in cases of peri-implantitis which has caused moderate to severe bone loss?

    1. This is always asked and as I always say ……. peri-implantitis is a host issue so difficult to get real solutions .
      But again a fully bio-absorbed material must always be used , to be able to assess the case long term … using HA ( possibly in granulation tissue ) of any form merely means you get a better x-ray that just misleads you ..
      The only way to really succeed is to remove the crown and allow for the host tissue to heal over … then 3 weeks later raise a flap and treat …. as per our protocol .
      As for sinus cases due to the great healing environment in the sinus we load even earlier but have Osstell to assure us…… I will be showing a Prospective case study poster on this in Paris EAO…

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