2 implants are side by side: thoughts?

Last Updated February 17, 2016
Reviewed By:  OsseoNews Team

We recently vacationed in another country (out of US) and my wife had to see a dentist. She had a tooth that needed to be extracted due to fracture (it was not infected yet, just painful) and we asked about implants having heard that it was good opportunity if everything was healthy to have them immediately placed after extraction.We hoped that we could get it restored when we came back. I was told by all means, that is a great idea. The implants were placed in the root holes, and they cross each other in the bone- like an X, and are side by side. She was fitted with a temporary crown, out of occlusion, but it had a gap in the center- anterior -posterior- that was a food trap and it eventually fell off. I do not have radiographs but i do have photos.

A general dentist here in the US said this is ridiculous and is probably not restorable- but he suggested we see others with more experience before we do anything further. They were placed in December- so maybe they can come out easily. This is upper right 1st or 2nd molar, and it had 3 roots, 2 of which were implanted. What you see in the photos are the abutments that were grinded/shaped as you see them, and then filled with amalgam or resin- in preparation for the impression. They had offered to make and mail a crown to us to (have it put on) seat in a few months. I said we would get it done here- since things change and no assurance it would fit after several months. etc. What do you think? Thanks.

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